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Microenvironment Cell differentiation, iMmunology And Cancer (MICMAC)

Leader: Karin Tarte

RennesUMR U1236

Research Areas & Objectives

Research areas

Germinal center B-cell Lymphomas:
- Study of normal and malignant germinal center B-cell differentiation
- Study of B-cell lymphoma tumor nichesExpertise


The laboratory aims at :
- Identifying mechanisms of host/tumor interaction in B-cell lymphomas
- therefore finding therapeutic targets and potential biomarkers

Lymphoma Sub-types

- Follicular lymphoma (FL)
- Diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL)


Biological targets and in vitro/in vivo/ex vivo models

- Anti-CD137 antibodies and lymphomas
- CXCL12
- Cellular targets (TFH, tumor-supportive stromal cellssupporting stromal cells)

- Models of in vitro differentiation of human normal naive B cells
- Models of in vitro study (flow cytometry, microscopy, transcriptomic, functional studies) of interactions between normal and tumor B lymphocytes and microenvironment actors (stromal cells, TFH, macrophages)
- Mouse xenograft models of DLBCL
- Culture of primary cells with functional assays
- Co-culture primary B cells/stroma from healthy people and patients (survival, proliferation, resistance to drugs...)
- Co-culture B cells/macrophages and PN (ADCP)

Blood and tissue biomarkers

Program of identification of diagnostic and prognostic blood biomarkers in DLBCL and FL by transcriptomic, proteomic, phenotypic and functional studies

Early pharmacodynamic signs of activity

Immunomonitoring platform allowing standardized monitoring (SOP) by multicolor flow cytometry and functional studies of patients treated with innovative therapeutic approaches (DC-NK dialogue, Treg activity, IDO activity, characterization by multicolor flow cytometry of T/B/myeloid/stromal… cell sub-populations)

Tools, processes and platforms in connection with clinical research

- Lymphoma tumor collection including frozen samples of viable cells from lymphoid organs and bone marrow of patients and healthy individuals (Lymphoma Biological Resource Center of Rennes)
- Clinical-biological databases (Marguerite Program)
- Phase I trials platform (Clinical Investigation Center of Rennes)

Innovative Technologies

- Standardized multicolor immunomonitoring (cytometry) of multicentric studies (assays validated at day+1)
- Gene capture technology
- miR-seq, RNA-seq, ATA-seq, ChIP-seq, methyl-seq
- Single-cell qPCR and SC-RNA-seq
- 3D culture stroma/B

Platforms & Technical Resources

- Phase 1 trial platform (CIC Rennes)
- Immunomonitoring laboratory (SITI): multicentric analysis (core lab)
- Access to platforms of SFR BIOSIT: microscopy (MRic IBISA platform http://microscopie.univ-rennes1.fr/), genomics (Biogenouest IBISA platform of Rennes), L3 laboratory (lentiviral vectors), animal facility
- Gene capture: SureSelect-Agilent of Hematology Laboratory of Rennes hospital

R&D Offer

The laboratory offers collaborative projects on:
- cocultures of primary B cells/stroma from healthy individuals and patients (survival, proliferation, drug resistance…)
- cocultures of B cells/macrophages and PN (ADCP)
- antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC)
- multicolor standardized immunomonitoring of multicentric studies (assays validated at day+1).


Follicular lymphoma, DLBCL, Hodgkin, Microenvironment, Stromal cells, TFH, macrophages, Normal and tumoral B cells differentiation, Blood biomarkers, Epigenetics, Single-cell analysis, Mouse models, 3D culture

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Research projects