Anticancer Antibodies

Leader: Charles Dumontet

LyonUMR INSERM 1052 CNRS 5286 Centre Léon Bérard -
Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon

Research Areas & Objectives

Research areas

Study of mechanisms of action of monoclonal antibodies that target cancer cells and study of mechanisms of resistance towards these biomolecules in order to increase the activity of therapies based on monoclonal antibodies in patients with hematological malignancies or solid tumors.


The laboratory aims at setting up in vitro and/or in vivo tumor models resistant to monoclonal antibodies and at characterizing obtained models in order to develop new therapeutic treatments (in combination or in monotherapy).

Lymphoma Sub-types

- Mouse B-cell lymphoma
- Burkitt lymphoma
- Follicular lymphoma
- Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma


Biological targets and in vitro/in vivo/ex vivo models

Targets: CD20, immune checkpoints

- In vitro models resistant to Idealisib and Ibrutinib
- Syngeneic in vivo models and xenografts
- Models of ADCC/ CDC
- Models of resistance to GA101 and Rituximab validated, resistance to R-CHOP in progress and resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors (anti-PD1) in progress.
- Samples of ex vivo ALL, AML, CML, myeloma and NHL

Blood and Tissue Biomarkers

Phosphoproteins analysis by cytometry, functional assays (ADCC, ADCP)

Innovative Technologies

- Single-cell

Platforms & Technical Resources

Privileged access to Rockefeller animal facility, partnering with ProfilXpert platform (platform of microgenomics and genomics), Anipath (center of histology for rodents), Imthernat (center of laboratory small animal imaging), Antineo (CRO of innovative anticancer agents development)

R&D Offer

Preclinical evaluation of biocompounds (efficacy / toxicity, in combination and/or in monotherapy) through the laboratory in vivo and in vitro resistance models.


Screening, Anticancer agent, Lymphoma, Preclinical models


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