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RNA Biology in Hematological Cancers

Leader: Pierre Brousset

ToulouseUMR 1037 INSERM / UPS / ERL CNRS

Research Areas & Objectives

Research Areas

Molecular genetics of haematological malignancies


The laboratory has three lines of research focusing on:

i) the characterisation and modeling of molecular events responsible for hematopoietic tumors such asthe role of non-coding RNA in hematopoietic tumors and the study of X-ALK fusion proteins and their impact on lymphomagenesis;

ii) the research and development of monoclonal antibodies production used in tumor pathology;

iii) the study of immune microenvironment in lymphomas and immunomonitoring.

Lymphoma Sub-types

- T-cell lymphoma
- Anaplastic large cell lymphoma


Biological targets

ALK, NPM/ALK transgenic mice, TPM3/ALK

Blood and tissue biomarkers

NPM/ALK fusion transcripts, microRNA, small nucleolar RNAs, AU-binding proteins

Innovative Technologies

- Immunoinfiltration of lymphoid tumors, quantification of TIL signatures from transcriptomes

Platforms & Technical Resources

- Cancer research center of Toulouse (CRCT)
- High throughput genomics (arrays, Fluidigm, Next Generation Sequencing)
- Animal facility
- Transgenesis

R&D Offer

Partnering with in vitro diagnostics industry to co-develop and/or out-licence a patent on molecular signature of snoRNA, predictive of the prognostic of peripheral T cell lymphomas.


T-cell lymphoma, Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, ALK, Non-coding RNA, Post transcriptional regulation, Monoclonal antibodies production, Study of immune microenvironment


Please, download our presentation poster (.pdf)