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Genomics and Biomarkers of Lymphoma and Solid Tumours

Leader: Fabrice Jardin


Research Areas & Objectives

Research areas

Genomic and transcriptomic of Lymphomas


The laboratory aims at establishing correlations between molecular data and phenotype / clinic of lymphomas: prognostic or theranostic value; setup of diagnostic assays; identification of the biological value of identified variants in tumor and plasma.

Lymphoma Sub-types

- B-cell lymphomas
- Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
- Hodgkin lymphoma
- Primary central nervous system lymphoma
- Mantle-cell lymphoma


Biological targets and in vitro/in vivo/ex vivo models

Targets : Molecular studies of genes coding for BCR component and particularly VH genes

- Mouse xenograft
- Mantle-cell lymphoma modified to express GFP and/or luciferase (REC1, Granta-519, Z138 and JeKo1)
- JeKo1 and Z138 cell lines resistant to bortezomib (JBR and ZBR)

Blood and tissue biomarkers

- Study of recurrent mutations and abnormal copy number of genes affecting prognostic
- Medium throughput targeted transcriptomic studies by RT-MLPA and transfer in immunohistochemistry

Early pharmacodynamic signs of activity

Correlation between transcriptome/ genomics and PET Scan imaging

Tools, processes and platforms in connection with clinical research

- Medium throughput genotyping platform, multiplex PCR analysis, study of key gene methylation by pyrosequencing
- Tumor bank
- Conventional cytogenetics and FISH.
- Clinical research unit including early phase trials

Innovative Technologies

- Cell-free DNA: characterization of tumor circulating cell-free DNA in plasma
- Liquid biopsy
- Proximity ligation assay
- CRISPR-barcoding, CRISPR/Cas9

Platforms & Technical Resources

- Sequencing (PGM), quantitative PCR (TaqMan) pyrosequenceur
- Genotyping platform and transcriptomic analysis of average throughput (Illumina, BeadExpress)
- Flow cytometry
- Cell transfection (Amaxa), cloning, tissue-microarray
- Bioinformatics
- Nanostring (Ncounter)
- Digital PCR (Stilla)

R&D Offer

The laboratory offers collaborative projects on:
- targeted sequencing (tumor and plasmatic DNA) and molecular phenotyping (genetic expression profiles) in clinical assays
- quantification of recurrent mutations in plasmatic DNA
- correlation between anatomical-clinical / molecular and PET scan imaging
- bioinformatics tools for analysis of variants and their integration in routine diagnosis
- development of B and T-cell lymphomas phenotyping tools.


Genome, Genotyping, Transcriptome, Immunoglobulin genes, Transfer, Methylation

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