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Our Expertise

Through its unique consortium bringing together the world’s leading lymphoma key opinion leaders, CALYM offers the expertise and advice of its scientific experts at all stages of this cancer research.

To Foster Lymphoma R&D Excellence, for example by Positioning a New Molecule, CALYM Offers:

  • Tailored programs and project management
  •  State of the art review: expert reports, conferences, education sessions…
  •  Consulting: 2 hours meeting, conferences…
  •  Patents deposit: co-ownership of IP
  •  Scientific papers (co)publication
  •  The Lymphoma Academy: unique training offering (on a contract basis)

Various Fields of Expertise

  • microenvironment of tumors
  • identification and characterization of diagnostic, prognostic, and theranostic biomarkers
  • immunology, immunotherapy
  • lymphomagenesis, oncogenesis
  • mouse models of lymphoma
  • anatomopathology
  • genetics, epigenetics, functional genomics
  • the clinic…

More than 200 International Publications/year Including Reviews in Leading Medical Journals

Consult our researchers publications on https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/CALYM!

A Recognized Contribution to the Progress of Adult Lymphoma Therapy

  • Definition of several standards of lymphoma care and marketing approval of new lymphoma agents/indications in EU/US/RoW
  • Definition of widely used prognostic indices (IPI, FLIPI-1 and -2, …)
  • Evaluation of new prognostic index linked to imaging (metabolic volume of tumor mass)
  • Response criteria definition and surrogate endpoints identification
  • Development and standardization of PET-CT use in lymphoma staging and response assessment
  • WHO lymphoma classification updates

More information on The Lymphoma Academy (.pdf)

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