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Lymphoma Phase 2 & 3 Clinical Studies

CALYM aims at accelerating the development and the marketing access of drug candidates. Its clinical research offer spans from early phase to phase III clinical trials and beyond.

CALYM clinical offer is based on the close collaboration:

- between LYSA and LYSARC, in one hand,

LYSARC, the Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation is the operational structure associated to the research activities of LYSA, the Lymphoma Study Organisation, a cooperative group, international leader of lymphoma research. This internationally renowned network of lymphoma experts closely collaborates with LYSARC at all stages of its studies.

- between LYSA-LYSARC and all the other members of the CALYM consortium, in another hand.

CALYM aims at accelerating the innovation and its transfer in the lymphoma field, particularly in the translational phase. This approach of integrated research from the bench to the bedside of the patient and vice versa is a major asset to advance research against this cancer.

LYSA, a Privileged Access to an Exceptional Scientific and Therapeutic Expertise in the Lymphoma Field

- LYSA is a network of 500+ lymphoma internationally renowned experts and KOLs:

- 30+ yearsadvancing lymphoma research

- 120 clinical centers across 4 countries (France, Belgium, Portugal, Israel)

- Unique, high level, scientific production

250+ publications in leading medical journals, with several landmark papers with 1000+ citations

- The demonstrated capacity to build and run a full drug development

From early phase to pivotal international registration trials

Please, download the LYSA brochure (.pdf)!

For more information: www.lysa-lymphoma.org

Faster Patient Enrollment: 750+ Patients per Year

- Network of 130 LYSA centers

In France, Belgium, Portugal and Israel, and through numerous collaborations with foreign academic groups, partners of LYSA, in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia, for studies requiring a greater enrolment or dealing with rare histological subtypes of lymphoma.

- Clinical trial centers with a large panel of skills

Devoted pharmacists, practitioners, CRAs, clinical trial nurses, 24/24 pharmacokinetics, imaging transfer software…

- The ClinTrial Refer LYSA App: a tool to accelerate patient enrollment

ClinTrial Refer LYSA aims at accelerating patients’ recruitment in LYSA clinical studies conducted in LYSA centers in France and abroad. This new tool provides physicians, real-time information on each on-going LYSA trial, facilitating recruitment of the patients they see during their consultations. ClinTrialRefer LYSA, available on iOS or Android store, is completely anonymous and does not store confidential data.

Please, download the ClinTrialRefer LYSA leaflet (.pdf)!

LYSARC: Full Scope of Clinical Research Operations and Skills to Conduct Lymphoma Studies

LYSARC conducts clinical trials in the field of lymphoma, these studies having a sole academic purpose or also contributing to industrial developments:

  • Phase I trials, including first-in-man
  • Phase IIa and IIb trials
  • Phase III trials, including international pivotal studies aimed at registration
  • Phase IV trials on marketed drugs, for safety surveillance

LYSARC also conducts non-interventional studies and supports numerous biological, histopathological, imaging, biostatistical and bioinformatics ancillary studies.

LYSARC brings its operational means and LYSA its scientific experts to several key platforms for the study of lymphoma therapies and biomarkers:

  • EARLY, early phase clinical and translational research platform (flyer_EARLY)
  • LYSA-P, pathology platform (flyer Pathologie)
  • LYSA-IM, imaging platform (flyer Imagerie)
  • LYSA-BIO, biology platform

Please download the LYSARC brochure (.pdf) !

For more information: www.lysarc.org

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