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The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation

Pascal Bilbault
General Manager


Research Areas & Objectives

LYSARC is a scientifically independent non-profit organization focused on lymphoma clinical research. It is the operational structure associated to the research activities of LYSA, the Lymphoma Study Association, a cooperative group, international leader of lymphoma research. LYSARC conducts its research in France and Belgium and sometimes on four continents. It is in accordance with the Charter of relationship between Cooperative Groups in Oncology (GCO), coordination to which it belongs, and industry. It runs clinical trials from first-in-man to Phase IV and non-interventional studies. It provides operational support to biological, histopathological, imaging, biomletry studies with its 140+ staff. LYSARC is the largest European academic organization devoted to lymphoma clinical research operations.


Clinical research operations in lymphoma from phase 1 to 4 and beyond.

Platforms & Technical Resources

Platforms (co-operated with LYSA experts)

- LYSA-P, centralized review of partient tissue sample, digital pathology platform for scanning, analysis and networking of digital microscope slides, automated analysis of nuclear, cytoplasmic or membrane biomarkers, high-throughput analysis on large patient cohorts on TMA (tissue micro array)
- LYSA-IM, online review of imaging examinations (positron electron or computed tomography): 4,000 images per year
- LYSA-BIO, collecting, labeling, management of biological samples
- EARLY, early phase translational and clinical research: phase I/IIa, first-in-man, first-in-lymphoma or first combo studies: 12 phase I and 30 phase II trials


- Clinical, biological, pathological and imaging proprietary databases or more than 23,000 patients

Professional softwares and applications

- Clinical, biological, pathological and imaging proprietary databases or more than 23,000 patients
- Clinsight (Data management, e-CRF, e-randomization)
- SAS (Biostatistics)
- Safety Easy (Pharmacovigilance)
- Imagys (imaging central review)
- LYSABANK:management of tissue samples
- Sciforma (project portfolio management)
- GFi (CTMS)
- Android application ClinTrial Refer LYSA trials status and patient enrolment)


The Lymphoma Academy (training)

R&D Offer

LYSARC puts its operational expertise and long-standing experience of collaborative clinical research in the lymphoma field at the service of LYSA and its academic and industry (pharma, biotech, in vitro diagnosis and imaging) partners to help them answering at the shortest the unmet medical needs for this cancer.


Clinical research, Lymphoma, Phase 1 to 4


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