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In Vitro Evaluation of Drugs

Many In vitro Models and Biological Samples are Available within the CALYM Consortium for the Identification and Validation of New Biological Targets or Molecules

- CALYM has rich biological collections of human cryopreserved viable cells from lymphomas and reactive tissues (CeVi collection), tumors (slides, paraffin blocks, frozen, Tissue Micro Array, DNA / RNA), blood (plasma, DNA / RNA ) for molecular profile characterization, quantification studies, immunohistochemistry, etc.

- Our teams have acquired and developed numerous lymphoma cell lines (B-cell, T-cell, mantle cell lymphomas...) for in vitro exploration and identification studies of biological targets: more than 80 cell lines (established and primary).

- New custom models can be developed.

Several Ex vivo Models are also Available for Functional Studies

CRISPR / CAS9, primary cell co-culture system ...

CALYM has many Cutting-edge Technological Platforms to Assess the Potential Effect of New Drug Candidates, to Define Initial Safety and Efficacy Profile

  • Bioinformatics
  • OMICS (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics)
  • Microscopy (multiphotonic, fluo, MET, MEB, confocal, NanoSims 50…)
  • Flow cytometry, immunophenotyping, immunomonitoring (ISO 9001- NFX 50-900

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