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The manager of CALYM is Bertrand Nadel, Inserm research director, head of the “Genomic Instability and Human Hemopathies” team at the Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy,


The CALYM Carnot institute is chaired by Pr. Gilles Salles,Professor of Medecine at the Lyon-Sud Charles Mérieux Medical School of the C. Bernard Lyon 1 University. Pr. Salles is also head of the hematology department of the Lyon-Sud Hospital Center of Hospices Civils de Lyon and co-director of the research team: “Clinical and experimental models of lymphomagenesis” at the Cancer Research Center of Lyon (CRCL) UMR INSERM 1052 CNRS 5286 CLB UCBL. Besides, he is the chairman of LYSA and LYSARC which are members of CALYM.


The scientific director of CALYM is Pr. Philippe Gaulard,head of the research team “Immunology and Oncogenesis of Lymphoid Tumors”, INSERM U955 and pathology professor at the Medical School of Paris-Est University in Créteil.




The governance of CALYM is organized around a strategic management level and scientific and operational levels.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (COPIL) is the highest decision-making authority of the CALYM Carnot institute. Its tasks include, but are not limited to the definition and validation of scientific strategy, objectives and annual budget of CALYM. It follows the intellectual property agreements proposed by the Valorisation Committee.

The Steering Committee consists of legal representatives of the CALYM Carnot institute teams.

- Pascal BILBAULT – General Manager of LYSARC / LYSARC Representative
- Youssef BOUGHLEM – Leader of Agence de Valorisation of Limoges University / Universities Representative
- Christine CHOMIENNE – Scientific Director Institut National du Cancer et ITMO Cancer / Inserm Representative
- Michel COGNE – Centre de Biologie et Recherche en Santé, Limoges Medical School / CALYM Teams Representative
- Philippe GAULARD – Inserm U955, Henri Mondor Hospital/ CALYM Scientific Director
- Denise HIRSCH - Director of Protection and Institutional Partnerships, Inserm Transfert / Inserm Transfert Representative
- Stéphanie KERVESTIN - Leader of Innovation and Industrial Partnerships INSB / CNRS Representative
- Muriel MALBEZIN – Research Director, Hospices Civils de Lyon / Hospitals Representative
- Bertrand NADEL - Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy / CALYM Manager
- Vincent RIBRAG - Institut Gustave Roussy / Representative of Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer
- Gilles SALLES - President of LYSA Advisory Board / CALYM President
- Gilbert SEMANA – Director of Etablissement Français du Sang Bretagne / EFS Representative
- Loïc YSEBAERT – Oncopôle Toulouse / CALYM Teams Representative

Strategic Advisory Committee

The Strategic Advisory Committee suggests strategic orientation to COPIL to accelerate the targeted innovations and their transfer to the lymphoma field and to allow CALYM to strengthen the industrial competitiveness of its research.

The Strategic Advisory Committee is composed of academic and industry representatives.


- Mr. Marc Bonneville - Institut Mérieux
- Mr. Alain Duprey - Carnot institutes network
- Pr. Elias Campo - University of Barcelona
- Mr. Jean-Jacques Garaud - ADV Biotech
- Dr. Gerd Mueller - Fraunhofer
- Mrs. Cécile Tharaud - Naos

Valorization Committee

The Valorization Committee consists of experts representing each valorization, tech tranfer organization to which the participants of CALYM are linked.

It establishes and transfers patent applications to the relevant organizations and offers a strategy for the valorization and sharing of intellectual property.

Scientific Evaluation and Coordination Committee

The Scientific Evaluation and Coordination Committee is chaired by the Scientific Director and consists of scientific representatives of the laboratories and academic actors of CALYM, the General Manager and the President of COPIL.
It defines the scientific orientations of CALYM and coordinates the collaborative activities of each R&D pillar.